Our Curriculum

We’ve got you covered.

Our personalized curriculum takes current and future food biz owners through a training that begins with the foundation of building a business (defining your mission, crafting the perfect pitch), moves into the nitty-gritty (financial forecasting, health regulations) and ends with the fun stuff you need to know when going to market (distribution, social media marketing).


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Fall Semester

Whether you’re starting anew or growing an existing business, together we’ll lay a solid foundation to make sure your businesses is guided by a true north before we dive into more advanced topics.

  • Define Your Mission and Values
  • Understand Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Set Up Legal Foundations, Employee Relations

Winter Semester

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty, exploring the ins and outs of running a food and beverage business.

  • Packaging & Label Legalities
  • Financial Forecasting & Recipe Costing
  • Health Regulations
  • Small Business Accounting

Spring Semester

Now that we’ve set up a solid foundation, and learned the ins-and-outs of running a business, we’ll work together to find a way to take you to market– your business will shine by the time we’re through!

  • Crafting the Perfect Pitch
  • Distribution Opportunities
  • Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • Small Business Showcase

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School of Food Program Curator

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