Food Safety for Production: The who, what, where, when, why, AND how.

Sustaining your food business requires more than just a great recipe and marketing plan. Applying proper risk management procedures are important to minimize food-borne illnesses and outbreaks that can devastate your company. Know how to write successful SOPs and HACCP plans to get your business approved so you can really start cooking!

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After two years of frigid Wisconsin winters, the enticing aroma of homemade caramel compelled Karina Mendoza to enter the artisan chocolate scene that proved to be a professional reawakening. Working as a chocolatier and kitchen manager at Gail Ambrosius-Chocolatier gave Karina the opportunity to learn hands-on about entrepreneurship. This experience was furthered enriched by working as an inventory manager for Tory Miller, a James Beard Chef, and reducing his restaurants’ food cost by 30% within three months.

These professional experiences paired with specialized, professional training in: increasing a business’ bottom line; improving onsite job training; small business development & coaching; and HACCP writing & food safety recall plans has enabled Karina to assist many entrepreneurs in the Maryland and D.C. area start food business and stay on top of the vital logistical demands of running a business.